Rider Analysis Sessions

Rider Analysis sessions


These are conducted on your own horse.

The sessions are run by a fully registered Physiotherapist, Kathryn Burns Bsc (Hons) Mcsp. Kathryn is a Neurological Physiotherapist and works with many large companies including the Injured Jockeys Fund at Jack Berry House in Malton. Working with this client group has allowed her to develop a specialism in normal movement patterns and gait analysis. She has also trained in Pilates with the APPI. Kathryn is a keen rider and has competed at local and affiliated level eventing. She found that combining her Physiotherapy skills and her riding knowledge she was able to successfully analyse riding positions and postures. Kathryn has worked with riders of all levels from riding club to those competing internationally.

What to expect

The clinics focus on the rider, not the horse and aim to identify areas of weakness, imbalance, tightness and over activity. These can all influence your posture and therefore your performance. We work on a principle of normal movement patterns and symmetry. Riding should be about finding an optimal balance point to allow the most efficient and effective position, not about strength and power. By having an effective independent seat you will feel more confident and stable in the saddle as well as being a more effective rider. The way the rider sits on the horse will have a dramatic effect on its performance and may result in compensatory movement patterns and potentially unsoundness. 

Sessions will begin with a discussion about areas of your riding that you are having problems with and your aims for your riding. You will then be asked to warm up your horse as you normally would whilst Kathryn analyses your riding posture and position which will include photos. Feedback will then be given.
You will then be asked to dismount and you will have a brief Physiotherapy assessment using a gym ball and mat. You will then practise any corrections on the gym ball before moving back onto your horse. After the session you will be provided with an individual report of your rider analysis session as well as a personalised home exercise programme and recommendations to practise on the horse.



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DURATION:              45 minutes


LOCATION:              Thornton House Farm, Barmby Moor,                                         indoor or outdoor arena                                                              (Arena Hire Included in the cost)



Sessions are available at your own  yard, travel fees may apply, please  contact us for further details.


Want  to arrange a clinic for you and your friends? Just send us a message to see our availability