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Just some of our lovely reviews:

"Genuinely amazing results after 1 session! Really got me thinking about my position and the impact my balance has on my horse's way of going. I cannot recommend strongly enough!  "                                        

"I have had just one session of rider analysis with Kathryn and with the corrections and exercises I have been given my seat has improved dramatically. I can now sit deeper to the canter and we are achieving the correct bend on both reins. Now I am sat correctly I can now work on balancing and achieving more suppleness with my mare - the bain of my dressage scores!  "                                                                    

"Fab lesson yesterday explained a lot and will help my pony too. Lots to work on thank you Kathryn x highly recommended 😃xx "                

" I recently had a rider analysis session and cannot express how valuable this proved to be. The improvements to my riding were quite amazing and would strongly recommend KB Rider Biomechanics to anyone who wishes to make significant improvements to their way of going "

" My session with Kathryn was very interesting and informative, I felt benefits straight away. Can't wait now to get on with my exercises and improve my posture further. I would definately recommend Kathryn to others! "

" Had a great session with Kathryn today & in just one session you could see a marked improvement in my position which then freed my horse up to lengthen, amazing to see what a difference it made. Would highly recommend " 

"  I’d thoroughly recommend this to all riders. I’ve been aware that both myself and my horse were crooked for some time, but I could never figure out what to change to correct it. I wasn’t crooked on a mechanical horse, as the machine itself was symmetrical, so I just thought this was the best that I could get from this horse.

Not only has Kathryn identified the root cause of the issue (where 4 years of riding instructors have failed), she has provided exercises to correct it, both on and off the horse. 2 months after seeing Kathryn, my horse and I are scoring 70%+ in our first season of Prelim and have gone up to Novice at home. Thank you so much Kathryn, I wish I’d met you years ago. "

" Had my first session last week and it was excellent. Then received a Kathryn’s report which was so clear , really useful photos and easy to follow exercise plan. Really looking forward to my next session in 6 weeks and hopefully seeing an improvement. Thank you Kathryn. "

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