The Rider Performance Clinic

The Rider Performance Clinic 


Its aim is simple, to optimise rider performance whatever their level by improving your efficiency and effectiveness through balance, activation and body control.

Many things can impact on a riders ability to perform at their best which in turn can impact on our horses way of going. Here at the performance centre we aim to identify and treat problem areas.

Identifying the problem area tends to be the easy bit, establishing the root is the challenging bit. That's where our specialist Physiotherapy assessment and input really comes in to play.

Who we treat


  • Anyone over the age of 16

  • Any level of rider from the happy hacker to the international level athlete

  • Any discipline including para riders, show jumpers, dressage riders, Eventers, show riders, polo players, whatever your level.

What we treat:

We can help with a wide variety of rider issues, below is a list of things that we can help with:

  • ​- Injuries impacting on your riding

  • - Assessing and treating asymmetries and imbalances including       muscle weakness, postural abnormalities and soft tissue tightness.

  • - Pre Season MOTs

     - Establishing the cause of compensations such as; unruly hands,              an insecure leg position, loss of stirrups and gripping knees.

  • - Improving general rider performance, be it increasing those dressage marks to feeling more confident in the saddle through a more secure seat

  • - Improving your riding fitness

  • - Help getting back into the saddle after a break or after having children

  • - Reducing pain on and off the horse, including back pain

  • - Increase your understanding of how your position impacts on  your horses way of going

  • - Strengthening programmes to resolve weak areas

  • - Developing core stability programmes and establishing an independant seat

  • - Correcting general wonkiness!

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Our Facilities:


Our Centre is based at Dunnington, near York, it is ideally situated for riders from all over the North East Of England and provides excellent facilities including


  • Large parking area 

  • Equisimulator 

  • disabled access

  • performance studio

  • Harmony Pressure sensor system 

  • Off site Indoor and outdoor arena